Switch On Your "Feast Mode" Metabolism!

No matter how advance we think we are, our bodies are still very primitive. Our natural instincts to food is to eat, eat, EAT!!! This is because people were built to go long periods without food. When our bodies are introduced to ample food, our bodies eventually enter "feast mode," and your metabolism shifts into high gear to burn all the incoming food!

Having a feast day followed by moderate calorie control = excellent weight loss.

Many dieters fail because they restrict their calories too much. This triggers the body into starvation mode!!! In starvation mode your body's metabolism slows to a crawl, and any extra calories are stored as fat!!

Many weight loss plateaus are the body's reaction to being "death-marched." No matter how hard you try lose weight, you will get no where because your body is in metabolic lock down!

The fastest way I found to break a plateau is to start eating the full amount of calories my body needs daily. After a week of "maintenance mode" calories - my body (finally) reacts when I cut back to get things moving again.