Don't "Diet" When Dining Out!

Surprised by this one?

Going out to a nice restaurant is a treat, so get what you want!! Go ahead and order the crab-stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer, a butter drenched pasta for your meal, and split a Chocolate Volcano for dessert! But do not take this as an opportunity to over eat!

The trick to eating out, and eating what you want, is knowing portion size.

If your main dish arrives on a platter you could serve a Turkey on, set half of it aside to take home. If you are temped to eat all of it, ask for a take-home container right away! You can also ask for a "1/2 sized" or kid's sized portion to help keep you from over-eating.

Note: Remember that eating out is an indulgence and you should not do this more than once a month!