Drink Lots of Water Every Day!

Most people do not get enough water. Water is vital for the function of the kidneys that purify the blood. When the body does not get enough water some of the load is shifted to the liver. The liver's main function is to metabolize the body's fat for energy. If it is busy doing the kidney's job, you are not burning off fat! (Not to mention all the other benefits of a well hydrated body!)

Some recommend drinking 8 glasses of water each day, but that is the amount of water it takes for a sedentary 128 pounds person to stay hydrated. If you are bigger or more active, you will need more water to take care of your body's needs. (Makes sense to me!)

An easy way to figure out the minimum amount of water you need is to divided your weight (in pounds) by 2 and drink that many ounces of water daily.

Example: A 180 pound person would need a minimum of 90 ounces of water to stay hydrated daily.

Stop Eating "Fast Food"

Two words, "Supersize Me."
McDonald's, Burger King, Culver's... They are all trying to KILL YOU! Just looking at the nutritional information alone is a health risk. Seriously!! You could have a heart attack from the SHOCK... and that's not even counting what eating that "food" does to you! :-6

If you MUST eat "Fast Food," a sub place is really your only sane choice. Try one of Subway's "7 under 6" sandwiches. (Mmm, Veggie Delight!) But try to pass on the chips, even if they are "baked" they have no real nutritional value.

Another trap to be wary of is the condiments you put on your sandwich. Cheese can add on up to 150, and mayonnaise adds another 150! Skip the cheese and ask for spicy brown mustard instead of mayo. This will save you some calories which you can eat in chocolate later! ;)

Limit your intake of fatty meats

It is not that HARD! There are lots of delicious lean meat alternatives out there. Find one that suits your pallet!

Try to Limit Sweets

Please note, I did not say cut them out! Natural Sugar is the safest sweet, and it is a beautiful simple carbohydrate for your body to create energy from! Don't get sugar-free or "lite" treats. (Unless you are diabetic...) A TREAT should be a REAL treat!

Eat More Fruits

If there is only one simple thing you can do to improve your health: eat more whole fresh fruit. Nearly everyone likes fruit, and fruit is so convenient. It's nature's handily "prepackaged" snack food. Keep a bunch of bananas or a sack of apples/oranges nearby for frequent snacking throughout the day. This will curb hunger and keep your metabolism revved up, as well as your brain sharp! Fruits also help "combat" a sweet tooth and assists in fat loss and disease prevention.

Over the years, low-carb propaganda wound up grouping fruit with candy and soda, which is total bull. Nutritionally, they are nothing alike, other than containing some form of carbohydrates. It's like equating a jumbo jet to a roller skate because they're both forms of transportation which contain metal... It's a ludicrous travesty. They just aren't comparing "Apples to Apples." (If you don't mind the pun!)

They want you to confuse whole fruits with fruit JUICE. Fruit juice - even if it's "100% juice" - has over 100 calories per 8 oz serving, and is not filling at all! Be sure to limit yourself to just one serving of fruit juice daily!

Here are some ways to start eating more fruit:
  • Take an orange, apple, or banana to work and eat it as a snack each day.
  • Be "romantic" and feed each other washed seedless grapes.
  • Get a party tray of fresh strawberries and pineapple for dessert!
  • Slice up a banana, or add raisins to your AM cereal.
  • Add berries to plain yogurt, or put it all in the blender for a "smoothie

  • Eat More Veggies

    Veggies are so good, and good for you! There is no real reason not to eat them!!! You are an adult and you have the power to eat what you like. Gone are the childhood days of over-cooked mushy canned peas. Free yourself from those traumatic veggie memories of yore, and start thinking about the good ones!

    Remember how good those onions and peppers are on your Fajitas? How about the broccoli, pea pods, and baby corn in your favorite Chinese dish? Mmm! Those are the kind of veggies you should think of!! (Not just "rabbit food.")

    Here are some tips to start getting more green into your diet:
  • Add lots of lettuce, tomato, onion, to your veggie burgers and subs.
  • Make vegetable laden casseroles or chili.
  • Add corn and/or diced tomatoes to your taco filling.
  • Order a veggie or spinach pizza instead of a meat one.
  • Order a spicy vegetable dish from the local Chinese/Thai/Indian restaurant.
  • Always go for a garden salad, instead of a creamy soup.

  • Learn Your BMI

    BMI stands for Body Mass Index. BMI is a ratio between you height in Meters and your weight in kilograms.
      The BMI Formula: Weight in Kilograms / (Height in Meters)^2
    According to the Centers of Disease Control a "good" BMI is withing the range: 18.50 - 24.99. Overweight is between 25.00 - 29.99, and Obese applies to all people with BMI's 30, and higher. (My BMI was 45.89 when I started my weight loss!)

    If you do not know your weight and height in the metric system, Aaron Scott (who is the sexiest sweetheart in the whole world!) wrote a JAVA applet to automatically calculate BMI (and BMR). You can find it here.

    Learn Your BMR

    BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. BMR is a formula that calculates how many calories your body needs each day stay alive. (Regulate body tempurature, breathing, digestion, heart beat...) In other words, if you did nothing but sleep all day, your body would burn "X" calories where "X" = Your BMR.

    The BMR formula for women is:
    655 + (9.6 x weight in kilos) + (1.8 x height in cm) - (4.7 x Age in years)

    The BMR formula for men is:
    66 + (13.7 x weight in kilos ) + (5 x height in cm) - (6.8 x Age in years)

    Once you know your BMR, you can calculate your daily caloric need by multiplying your BMR by your activity level. (Be Honest!)

    Activity LevelDescriptionMultiplier
    Sedentary Little or no Exercise1.200
    LightExercise or Sports 1 - 3 times a week 1.375
    ModerateExercise or Sports 3 - 5 times a week 1.550
    Very ActiveExercise or Sports 5 - 7 times a week1.725
    Extra Active2x a day training or Hard Physical Job1.900

    If the metric system and math are not your idea of a good time, Aaron Scott (who is the sexiest sweetheart in the whole world!) wrote a JAVA applet to automatically calculate your BMR (and BMI). You can find it here.

    Count Your Calories!

    I say about 95% of all weight loss products are crap. Most of them are just trying to make a quick buck off of the modern obsession with body image. The only real way to lose weight is to burn more calories off than what you take in.

    Use your BMR to learn how many calories your body needs then cut your calories by 500. You never have to give up the food you love. You just need to manage the calories!

    Try to count your calories BEFORE you consume them. Figuring out your calories AFTER the fact can be a very negative experience:
      "Let's see... I had a whole wheat roll with butter, a salad with dressing and cheese, 8 grape tomatoes , some grilled mixed veggies, and about a cup of homemade mac 'n' cheese. Oh crap... I just ate THAT MANY calories?!?! Oh Man, and I haven't even counted the 4 inch diameter M&M cookie yet... Not. Cool."

    Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I've learned over the years that if I count what I eat before I eat it, I make better choices. (Doesn't mean I remember to do it!) After figuring out the calories in a sundae: 280 for the ice cream, 150 for two tablespoons of dove chocolate hot fudge, 120 for the banana... steers me towards a 140 calorie chocolate chip cookie, or 2 dove mini ice cream treats for 180 instead.

    So avoid frustration by planning your meals in advance. You can create a balanced menu that is full of food you love, and won't derail your weight loss efforts!

    Note: On average the human body needs to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound.

    Losing 1 to 2 Pounds a Week is The MAX!

    The safest way to lose weight, and keep it off, is to "cut" or burn-off 500 calories a day. 500 less calories daily equals about a pound a week weight loss. It's okay to go as much as 2 pounds a week, but that is maximum rate at which humans can burn fat!!! If you lose more than 2 pounds in a week you are putting your health at risk! The human body cannot safely lose more than 2 pounds in a week. If you have lost more weight than that, it wasn't fat. Hopefully it is just "water," but you could be losing bone mass, muscles, or even vital organ tissue! (YIKES!!!)

    You don't need to restrict yourself so much!! I keep my daily calories between 1500 - 2000. It keeps me from feeling "deprived," and I keep losing weight! Slow and steady is the way to win this race!!!

    WARNING: The human body MUST consume at least 1,200 calories a day to avoid neurological problems and other serious health risks associated with malnutrition.

    Don't "Diet" When Dining Out!

    Surprised by this one?

    Going out to a nice restaurant is a treat, so get what you want!! Go ahead and order the crab-stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer, a butter drenched pasta for your meal, and split a Chocolate Volcano for dessert! But do not take this as an opportunity to over eat!

    The trick to eating out, and eating what you want, is knowing portion size.

    If your main dish arrives on a platter you could serve a Turkey on, set half of it aside to take home. If you are temped to eat all of it, ask for a take-home container right away! You can also ask for a "1/2 sized" or kid's sized portion to help keep you from over-eating.

    Note: Remember that eating out is an indulgence and you should not do this more than once a month!

    Switch On Your "Feast Mode" Metabolism!

    No matter how advance we think we are, our bodies are still very primitive. Our natural instincts to food is to eat, eat, EAT!!! This is because people were built to go long periods without food. When our bodies are introduced to ample food, our bodies eventually enter "feast mode," and your metabolism shifts into high gear to burn all the incoming food!

    Having a feast day followed by moderate calorie control = excellent weight loss.

    Many dieters fail because they restrict their calories too much. This triggers the body into starvation mode!!! In starvation mode your body's metabolism slows to a crawl, and any extra calories are stored as fat!!

    Many weight loss plateaus are the body's reaction to being "death-marched." No matter how hard you try lose weight, you will get no where because your body is in metabolic lock down!

    The fastest way I found to break a plateau is to start eating the full amount of calories my body needs daily. After a week of "maintenance mode" calories - my body (finally) reacts when I cut back to get things moving again.

    Eat Breakfast Every Day!

    Eating a big breakfast helps to "trick" your body into "feast mode." Your body will be like, "Wow, we have FOOD today! It's a FEAST Day! BURN, BURN, BURN!!!

    Try eating a high fiber cereal like All-Bran, or Cracklin’ Oat Bran, or oatmeal. The protein from the milk and the bulk of the fiber leave you feeling full for hours. Plus the fiber helps the fat you burned (which becomes waste) get out of your body faster.

    Get Support

    I know I would have never been so successful without the constant loving support from my husband, Aaron Scott. His encouragement gave me the strength I needed to achieve my goals. He helped inspire me beyond what I thought possible, and he never let me get discouraged! (I love you so much AARON!!!) Having great support was the key to success for me.

    There are many ways to get weight loss support:
  • Online Groups, Message Boards and Blogs
  • Church or Work Groups
  • Weight Watchers
  • Family and Friends

  • Educate Yourself

    There are tons of FREE website out there to help you with becoming healthy.

    Here are a few I like to frequent:
    Note: If you have to give your credit card number to see the site it is a SCAM!!!

    Being "Active" is Easy

    I am the LAZIEST person to ever lose this much weight. You do not have to do anything extreme, or even all at once to burn calories. Just remember, little things add up!

    Here are some easy ways to start burning more calories each day:
  • Use the stairs.
  • Park your car in the back of the lot to get in some extra walking.
  • Simple activities, like housework and gardening burn a lot of calories.
  • Walk over and talk to your co-worker instead of e-mailing them.
  • Take the "long way" to a co-worker's desk
  • Use the bathroom on another floor.
  • Try taking 10,000 steps daily by wearing a pedometer.

  • Note: The best time of day to exercise is before supper, or before breakfast. These are the times when your blood sugar is at it's lowest. This helps you start burning fat faster!

    Learn REAL Serving Sizes

    At first you are like "WHAT?! Only this much?" But you'll soon learn the that your EYES were WAY bigger than the stomach. Soon you will become more in tune with what your body really needs.

    A healthy human stomach should only be able to hold one litter (about 20 oz)... although some people have stretched theirs out to twice that!!! (Ew.)

    Note: Only 2 bites of food are the best, the first & the last!

    Do Not Eat Directly Out of the Bag!

    Get out the measuring cups, and see what one portion is!

    Note: Pre-measure servings into Ziploc bags, or buy the "variety pack" of individual bags.

    Get Smaller Plates

    There is just something satisfying about having a FULL plate... so make it smaller to avoid overeating!

    Keep Food Out of Reach!

    If you are sitting at a table and there is a serving bowl of food in front of you, you will be prone to eat more. Keep your serving and eating areas separate. (Food in Kitchen / Eat in Dining Room)

    If you are at a party do not lurk by the food table. Most "party foods" are EXTREMELY high in calories! Try to be active and social. Start a party game, and focus on the people, not the "cute" finger foods.

    Eat Slowly!

    Eating too fast leads to overeating because it take a while for your stomach and your brain and your mouth to coordinate things...

    Studies have also shown that the more delicious a food is the FASTER we inhale it!

    Slow down!!! Take some time to actually let the flavors linger on your tongue. Chew your food completely, and savor the texture! Extra time eating lets you feel full with less food.

    Tips to help you eat better:
  • Take drinks of water between bites to fill you up faster and clear the palette.
  • Cut up your food and eat it in bites as if you were going to feed it to a small child.
  • Close your eyes and really focus on the texture and tastes you are experiencing.
  • Do not eat while watching T.V. or in front of the computer.
  • Create "NO FOOD" Zones

    Make a "rule" for your home or work that food can only be consumed in certain places. (Like in the breakroom or at the dining room table.) This will prevent you from mindlessly eating while sitting in front of the T.V or at the computer... or any place you are prone to over-eat.

    Two of my "No Food Zones" are at my desk at work, and in my kitchen.

    I keep lots of food at my desk and when ever I got hungry I would just grab something and nosh, but I never stopped working and didn't really focus on what I was putting in my body. This had me eating again and again - then suddenly realizing how many calories were in THAT many almonds! (D'oh!)

    Now I pre-count my calories, and take my food to the breakroom two floors down. I take the time to relax and really enjoy my breaks and food. Getting away for just a few minutes really helps me de-stress and I also get the exercise of going up and down the stairs!

    This was a small change that made a big difference!

    I made the Kitchen a "No Food Zone" because I had the bad habit of "sampling" whatever I was cooking/baking. I was eating SO many uncounted calories!

    I even put up a sign to remind me to stop sneaking bites out of the fridge or directly from the skillet.

    Now I only eat at the table.

    Remember to keep those serving and eating areas separate!!

    Stop Eating When You Are Full!

    This may seem like a no-brain'er, but so many people have been "programmed" to clean their plate. Pay close attention to your body when you are eating. When it signals you are full - STOP!!!

    Continuing to eat does not help the "starving children in the world;" it only makes you fatter.

    Note: If you are prone to pick at the remains throw them away immediately, cover them with a napkin, or move them out of reach. If there is enough left over, stick it in the fridge for later.

    Do Not Keep a Candy Dish

    You will be prone to "just have one" but then you'll end up having "just one more."

    This will lead to the consumption of 100s of extra calories each day. Keep yourself safe, and start using that candy dish as a paperclip holder or to store loose change.

    Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

    Alcohol and Caffeine DEHYDRATE. Dehydration is really BAD for weight loss. (Remember all that kidney / liver stuff?!)

    Alcohol also damages your liver, not to mention kills your brain cells!!! Hard liquors are not required to post their nutritional facts which leads to TONS of uncounted calories! You can find another form of entertainment!

    Do Not Eat to Be "NICE"

    "I made your Favorite!"

    If a family member (or co-worker) makes homemade cookies, brownies... whatever your tempted with - You Are NOT Obligated To Eat it!!!

    Many cultures equate food with love (The way to the heart is through the stomach.) so you may feel lots of pressure to eat it. And it is okay to have a bit, if you think it is okay to eat that extra 300+ calories. Just remember to count them!!

    Note: If you feel bad about saying no, see if you can pull off the trick we all learned at age 5 with Brussels Sprouts: Secretly transfer it to a napkin and throw it away.

    Go for Quality Over Quantity

    Honestly, who wants one cup of "LITE" frozen lime sherbet for 100 calories, when you can have half a cup of Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream for 300?

    Yeah, it is half the amount, and three times the calories...
    But it's a MILLION times the pleasure!!

    Remember - some calories are just worth it!

    Note: This tip assumes you would prefer the chocolate ice cream over lime sherbet. If you prefer the lime sherbet, more power to you! :)

    Set Easy to Reach Goals

    I did not start my weight loss with a "Goal Weight" or "Dress Size" to reach. I think having one will just make you frustrated, and you'll miss all your little victories! NO ONE can lose 50 pounds in their first week/month of healthy weight loss!!!

    When I first started to lose weight, the weight came off quickly, so I set my goals to 10 pound increments. When I would reach my -10 pound goal, I'd have to maintain my new weight for a week before I got to get my reward for reaching the goal. (It took me between 2 - 4 months to lose 10 pounds.)

    After I had lost over 100 pounds the rate of my weight loss really started to slow. To keep my motivation high, I changed my goals to every 5 pounds instead. Then after I lost over 140 pounds, my weight loss ground to a halt. After being "stuck" at the same weight for over six months I was really getting frustrated!!! Then I remembered, my ultimate goal was never to reach a certain weight, SO WHY WAS I TYING MY REWARDS TO MY WEIGHT!!!

    The Light Bulb Goes ON!

    My real goal is to be healthy, so now I get my rewards from "keeping up a healthy lifestyle!" (Being active 3-5 days a week, and eating between 1400-1800 calories each day.) All I need to do to get my rewards now is stick to these guidlines 14 days straight.

    This last change to my rewards system has really boosted my self-esteem! When my weight was stuck, I never noticed that I was getting healthier. I only noticed that the scale was not moving. Since my goal was tied to my weight, I didn't feel like I was making any progress!! I really wanted my reward... and just could not drop the last few pounds to get it... after a few months I was really frustrated.

    Now that my goals are not tied to my weight, I feel so much better about myself!!! Life is good!!! :)

    Give BIG Rewards

    When you reach your goal, spoil yourself rotten!

    My rewards are always something I really want!! Try starting a collection of something that you REALLY enjoy, but you can't get the next one until you reach your goal. (This type of goal was great motivation for me.)


    Your goal must be tantalizing enough to inspire you! If you love new Clothes, say you'll get a new pants when you reach your goals... and who knows, they could be a size smaller!

    Note: Never, EVER, set FOOD as a goal.

    Use Your "Before" Picture as Motivation

    Looking at a picture of yourself in all your "fat glory" can really stop a food craving.

    A candid shot of all your rolls, flabby arms, extra chins will remind you that what you are feeling isn't hunger; you are actually thirsty.

    Note: Think of this picture as the "old you." This isn't "punishment," it is a reminder of who you were, and who you are going to be. :)

    Take Up a Sport or Hobby

    Try joining a class or "fun league" to burn calories and be social! Once you find something you like, you'll have a workout you might even look forward to!

    Fun Calorie Burning Activities:
  • Ballroom, Salsa, or Swing Dancing
  • Curling
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Hiking
  • Biking (You've got the idea!)

  • Also, if you have to pay for it, you have an incentive to show up and get your money's worth!

    You can also take up a hobby that keeps your hands busy. Without the use of your hands, it's hard to put food in your mouth!

    Fun Hand Occupying Activities:

  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Pottery
  • Gardening
  • Computer / Video Gaming

  • Get Back in the Saddle!

    There will be times when you feel like you "fell from grace" because you "Pigged-out at McDonald's" or you "haven't worked out in 2 weeks." You might be discouraged by your slow progress, and start thinking to yourself that you were "Happier FAT, so why are you going through all this trouble to lose weight?"

    This is when you have to show your STRENGTH and KEEP AT IT!

    We all know that nobody is perfect, but it is so hard to admit when you are the one that is not perfect!

    So what if you polished off a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream in one sitting. (Been there done that!) That does not mean you have FAILED at weight loss. You just have to let it slide, and keep going!!!

    Be as forgiving you to yourself as you would be to your best friend.

    Don't Give Up!!!

    Let's say you're driving down the road, and you blow a tire. Do you get out of your car, and slash the other three tires? No. You wouldn't!! You'd call for help, or change the flat yourself, and keep going!!! Slashing your tires would just makes things worse for you, but this is how many people treat their weight loss.

    When someone blows her diet she often starts "slashing her tires." She believes since she's "failed" at weight loss, she might as well keep pigging out!

    This is the mentality you have to break free from! If you do have a "blow-out," change that tire, and get back on your weight loss plan! Don't Give UP!!! ;-)

    Do Not Punish Yourself!

    Do not bike for 2 hours to "make-up for" an eating "offense." This kind of behavior will only cause self-loathing and discourage you more. This could lead to a cycle of binging and punishment... WHICH IS AN EATING DISORDER! ("Anorexia-Athletica")

    Try New Foods!

    Try out all sorts of "new & exotic" fruits and veggies, or try eating at a new "type" of restaurant:
  • Thai
  • Indian
  • Japanese
  • Greek
  • Afghani
  • Himalayan
  • Jamaican
  • Etc...

  • Ease Into A Healthy Lifestyle

    You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk. Bodies do not like change, so you have to gradually "trick" it into being healthy. Start small, like taking a short walk three times a week, or adding more veggies to your diet. Over time start building and adding more healthy habits.

    Note: It takes about 2 weeks to form a good habit so stick with it! If you can't stick with it, try something simpler. Remember, Baby-Steps!!

    Keep A Food Journal

    Before making any changes to your lifestyle it is good to know what you baseline is. To find your baseline start keeping a "food journal." Write down EVERYTHING you eat or drink, and track the calories. You might also want to keep track of your weight and Exercise/Activities in the journal too!

    Don't Cheat On Your Journal Entries!

    You are only lying to yourself if you fudge the numbers in the journal! Learning to be honest with yourself is a good point to start from. Keeping a journal of your meals and weight loss really helps you see what your habits are, and how you are progressing. I like to look back through my old journals to see how far I have come! In my journals I kept track of all the food/drink I had, their calories, my weight, and if I exercised. I filled the borders with motivational sayings, and also kept record of my measurements!

    You're Not Hungry! You're THIRSTY!!!

    Many people confuse thirst for hunger. When your body needs fluids, it sends out a message that most people perceive as hunger, which leads to unnecessary calorie consumption. Don't get fooled! If you feel "Thirsty," it means that you have already begun dehydrating!!! WATER, WATER, WATER!!!

    Get Some Shut Eye!

    It may be hard to believe, but sleep is one of the best things you can do for weight loss. Sleep deprivation lowers leptin, a blood protein that suppresses appetite and seems to affect how the brain senses when the body has had enough food. Sleep deprivation also raises levels of grehlin, a substance that makes people want to eat. Most Americans do not get the "normal nights sleep" of 7-9 hours and this could be linked to the obesity epidemic we have today.

    • People who sleep two to four hours a night are 73% more likely to be obese than normal sleepers.

    • People who get five hours of sleep are 50% more likely to be obese.People who get six hours were 23% more likely to be obese.

    • People who get ten or more hours are 11% LESS likely to be obese.

    Another good thing about sleep and weight loss is that even though sleeping burns the fewest calories for any activity; When you are sleeping, you can't eat!!

    Weight Yourself Daily

    Some "weight loss authorities" suggest weighing yourself only once a week because body weight can fluctuate, therefore making daily weigh-ins futile. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE!! Weighing yourself daily, along with monitoring of your calories and activity levels are critical to establishing lifelong weight management habits. Taking a daily weigh really helps you keep on track. Remember it only takes 1 day to gain body fat. Why wait a whole week to measure it? Weight loss is a day-by-day process. The earlier you see your weight going off track, the faster you can start get back on track!

    Be sure to get a high quality scale, preferably one that will give your weight to at least a 1/4 of a pound. Then weigh yourself daily. Take your weight first thing in the morning at the same time each day. Be sure to wear the same amount (or lack of) clothes. Then write down your weight in your journal. This will help you!

    I have taken this one step further and have been tracking my weight loss in a spreadsheet. My weight does spike some days but that's mainly due to fluid retention. Those pounds are quickly lost.

    Find the Root of the Problem

    When I was 10, I broke the 100 pound mark. By middle school I was already in women's plus sizes. I was extremely overweight and began to believe that being FAT and being me was the same thing. Fat was who I was. I saw myself as a "Fat Girl" and when questioned about my weight I would feel attacked because I felt they were attacking my identity. In my mind, Being Fat was the essence of Being Me, and this was the Root of my weight problem.

    This is the story of how I broke free from that Mind-set:

      My husband had brought up the topic of getting healthy before, but I would always fly off the handle. I'd cry and say that he didn't love me the way I was, and argue that I am FAT and you should love me as I am! I felt personally attacked because I still believed that being Fat and being Me were the SAME THING. For him to suggest that I should try to lose weight was a heartbreaking slap in the face!
      I asked him, "Why did you married me if you don't love me the way I am?"
      He assured me that he loved me and that he could not live with anyone else.
      Then he asked me, "If you lost your finger are you still you?"
      I said, "Yes."
      "And I would still love you just as much. What if you lost your whole hand, would you still be you?"
      Again I agreed that I would still be me.
      He then asked, "If you lost some weight would you still be you?"
      Here I wavered. I was a Fat Girl!!! Fat was ME!"
      I got mad and argued "But I am FAT! That is WHO I AM!!!"
      But I knew that wasn't true anymore, and my paradigm suddenly shifted! I was finally able to see that being me and being Fat were NOT the same, and I knew it was true! As soon as I accepted that thought I knew that I would be able to get healthy and lose weight, and I have!!!

    Examine your life and see if there is something keeping you from your weight loss goals. You will only be successful once you truly believe you can succeed!!

    Pump Some Iron!

    Muscle = Metabolism. Strength training is the most effective form of exercise for improving body composition, because building new muscle tissue burns tremendous calories while resting and muscle tissue itself also burns calories 24/7 just to maintain itself!!! If that wasn't cool enough, muscles also increase your bodies NATURAL testosterone which is a powerful anti-depressant in both men and women, and helps fighting against binges and other counter-productive behavior. It also boosts the sex drive for both genders, without negative side effects. (Please don't confuse your body's natural, healthy hormones with the adverse effects of dangerous drugs such as anabolic steroids.) Not to mention that being stronger is pretty cool in and of itself! :-)

    Many women seem to ignore proper strength training in their physical fitness routines, believing it to be "men's stuff". But that's not true. For example, with sufficient intensity, a single 30 minute workout once per week will produce dramatic results in burning body fat.

    The key is the intensity of the workout. If you don't push yourself hard enough, lifting weights won't do you much good. The harder you push yourself within a workout session, the better your results will be. The other keys to remember are to always use proper form (rather than lifting too much weight with poor form) and to never exercise a sore muscle.

    How to "Survive" a Buffet or Potluck!

    When at a Buffet or Potluck the common desire is to "sample a bit of everything," but you cannot do this and lose weight! When faced with a smorgusboard start by drink a full glass of ice-water. Then survey all they have to offer. Choose the one high-calorie item you'd like the most, then limit yourself to one 1/4 plate serving. Fill the rest of your plate with fruits & veggies. When you get back to your table eat the fruits and veggies first. Save the best for last! Be sure to keep drinking lots of water to help you feel full faster!

    Note: Many items at a "salad bar" (sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, croutons, salad dressings...) can be very high in calories. Be very careful when constructing your salad. Keep the dressing on the side and extra toppings to a minimum!