Eat More Fruits

If there is only one simple thing you can do to improve your health: eat more whole fresh fruit. Nearly everyone likes fruit, and fruit is so convenient. It's nature's handily "prepackaged" snack food. Keep a bunch of bananas or a sack of apples/oranges nearby for frequent snacking throughout the day. This will curb hunger and keep your metabolism revved up, as well as your brain sharp! Fruits also help "combat" a sweet tooth and assists in fat loss and disease prevention.

Over the years, low-carb propaganda wound up grouping fruit with candy and soda, which is total bull. Nutritionally, they are nothing alike, other than containing some form of carbohydrates. It's like equating a jumbo jet to a roller skate because they're both forms of transportation which contain metal... It's a ludicrous travesty. They just aren't comparing "Apples to Apples." (If you don't mind the pun!)

They want you to confuse whole fruits with fruit JUICE. Fruit juice - even if it's "100% juice" - has over 100 calories per 8 oz serving, and is not filling at all! Be sure to limit yourself to just one serving of fruit juice daily!

Here are some ways to start eating more fruit:
  • Take an orange, apple, or banana to work and eat it as a snack each day.
  • Be "romantic" and feed each other washed seedless grapes.
  • Get a party tray of fresh strawberries and pineapple for dessert!
  • Slice up a banana, or add raisins to your AM cereal.
  • Add berries to plain yogurt, or put it all in the blender for a "smoothie