Stop Eating "Fast Food"

Two words, "Supersize Me."
McDonald's, Burger King, Culver's... They are all trying to KILL YOU! Just looking at the nutritional information alone is a health risk. Seriously!! You could have a heart attack from the SHOCK... and that's not even counting what eating that "food" does to you! :-6

If you MUST eat "Fast Food," a sub place is really your only sane choice. Try one of Subway's "7 under 6" sandwiches. (Mmm, Veggie Delight!) But try to pass on the chips, even if they are "baked" they have no real nutritional value.

Another trap to be wary of is the condiments you put on your sandwich. Cheese can add on up to 150, and mayonnaise adds another 150! Skip the cheese and ask for spicy brown mustard instead of mayo. This will save you some calories which you can eat in chocolate later! ;)