How to "Survive" a Buffet or Potluck!

When at a Buffet or Potluck the common desire is to "sample a bit of everything," but you cannot do this and lose weight! When faced with a smorgusboard start by drink a full glass of ice-water. Then survey all they have to offer. Choose the one high-calorie item you'd like the most, then limit yourself to one 1/4 plate serving. Fill the rest of your plate with fruits & veggies. When you get back to your table eat the fruits and veggies first. Save the best for last! Be sure to keep drinking lots of water to help you feel full faster!

Note: Many items at a "salad bar" (sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, croutons, salad dressings...) can be very high in calories. Be very careful when constructing your salad. Keep the dressing on the side and extra toppings to a minimum!