Find the Root of the Problem

When I was 10, I broke the 100 pound mark. By middle school I was already in women's plus sizes. I was extremely overweight and began to believe that being FAT and being me was the same thing. Fat was who I was. I saw myself as a "Fat Girl" and when questioned about my weight I would feel attacked because I felt they were attacking my identity. In my mind, Being Fat was the essence of Being Me, and this was the Root of my weight problem.

This is the story of how I broke free from that Mind-set:

    My husband had brought up the topic of getting healthy before, but I would always fly off the handle. I'd cry and say that he didn't love me the way I was, and argue that I am FAT and you should love me as I am! I felt personally attacked because I still believed that being Fat and being Me were the SAME THING. For him to suggest that I should try to lose weight was a heartbreaking slap in the face!
    I asked him, "Why did you married me if you don't love me the way I am?"
    He assured me that he loved me and that he could not live with anyone else.
    Then he asked me, "If you lost your finger are you still you?"
    I said, "Yes."
    "And I would still love you just as much. What if you lost your whole hand, would you still be you?"
    Again I agreed that I would still be me.
    He then asked, "If you lost some weight would you still be you?"
    Here I wavered. I was a Fat Girl!!! Fat was ME!"
    I got mad and argued "But I am FAT! That is WHO I AM!!!"
    But I knew that wasn't true anymore, and my paradigm suddenly shifted! I was finally able to see that being me and being Fat were NOT the same, and I knew it was true! As soon as I accepted that thought I knew that I would be able to get healthy and lose weight, and I have!!!

Examine your life and see if there is something keeping you from your weight loss goals. You will only be successful once you truly believe you can succeed!!