Create "NO FOOD" Zones

Make a "rule" for your home or work that food can only be consumed in certain places. (Like in the breakroom or at the dining room table.) This will prevent you from mindlessly eating while sitting in front of the T.V or at the computer... or any place you are prone to over-eat.

Two of my "No Food Zones" are at my desk at work, and in my kitchen.

I keep lots of food at my desk and when ever I got hungry I would just grab something and nosh, but I never stopped working and didn't really focus on what I was putting in my body. This had me eating again and again - then suddenly realizing how many calories were in THAT many almonds! (D'oh!)

Now I pre-count my calories, and take my food to the breakroom two floors down. I take the time to relax and really enjoy my breaks and food. Getting away for just a few minutes really helps me de-stress and I also get the exercise of going up and down the stairs!

This was a small change that made a big difference!

I made the Kitchen a "No Food Zone" because I had the bad habit of "sampling" whatever I was cooking/baking. I was eating SO many uncounted calories!

I even put up a sign to remind me to stop sneaking bites out of the fridge or directly from the skillet.

Now I only eat at the table.

Remember to keep those serving and eating areas separate!!